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Dragon Boy Instructions

Dragon Boy is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. The mouse is used to attack and to interact with the game's interface. The I key opens the inventory. The P key pauses the game. The escape key is used to exit the menu.

Dragon Boy Walkthrough

Dragon Boy is a role-playing game that places you in the role of a dragon trainer. This RPG features amazing graphics, over forty battles, and a unique system of gameplay.

The main objective of Dragon Boy is to raise your dragon, Blaze (you cannot change its name) from an egg into a fearsome fighting beast. To raise your dragon, you must feed it using items in your inventory, similar to a virtual pet (although your dragon will be fierce not cute!). When it has been fed enough, your dragon will evolve and learn new abilities.

Aside from your dragon, your friend, Arazec, will accompany you on your quest. Arazec is a mage with awesome lightning abilities. As your party defeats enemies and levels up, new abilities will become available for Arazec to use in combat. Blaze and Arazec automatically follow you and attack enemies on their own in battle, so you do not have to worry about controlling them manually.

The secondary objective of this role-playing game is to complete battles. There are five zones, each with their own levels to complete and enemies to vanquish. To enter combat, click on the portal on the town center and select which zone and level you wish to fight in. If you successfully defeat the enemies, the portal back to town will open and you will be healed upon your return to the town. The portal cannot be entered until all enemies are defeated, however. If you are defeated, you will lose some of your experience points. Your progress is automatically saved after you return to town, so you can continue your quest from where you left off the next time that you play this RPG.

Dragon Boy is not a role-playing game that relies heavily on storyline or the proper sequencing of events; instead, it is mainly a combat-based game. When you first start, only your player character, Guil, will be able to attack. As you progress by feeding your dragon and gaining experience points, the other characters in your party will begin to help you in combat. It is a good idea to repeat battles in order to gain more experience, especially before taking on mini-bosses such as the Bandit Leader. Keep in mind that each character has their own style in this RPG: equipped items in the inventory only apply to Guil, skills are only learned by Azarec, and your dragon evolves when it is fed.

It may be tempting to use food items to heal wounded party members, but it is best to use them to evolve your dragon. The use of healing items should not even be necessary on the first three levels of this role-playing game since the enemies therein are easy to defeat and your party is healed upon returning to town. If you need additional health, allocate skill points to Azarec's regenerate ability. This ability will slowly heal all party members, so if you can stick and move against enemies, you should be able to defeat them while retaining any food items for use on your dragon.

Dragon Boy is a well-made RPG that combines the idea of the Tamagotchi with the thrill of combat. Fans of action games will probably enjoy Dragon Boy due to its focus on fighting, but if you are looking for a role-playing game with an engrossing story and loads of text, however, then this may not be the game for you.