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Dragon Age: Journeys Instructions

Dragon Age: Journeys is controlled by using the mouse. Click to move your character, talk to NPCs, and attack monsters. The mouse is used to interact with the game's interface, but keyboard shortcuts are sometimes available.

Dragon Age: Journeys Walkthrough

Dragon Age: Journeys is a Flash role-playing game that takes place in the universe of the Dragon Age series of RPGs developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Dragon Age: Journeys features outstanding graphics, and tie-ins to Dragon Age: Origins.

When you first start Dragon Age: Journeys, you will have to choose your character's race, class, and affiliation. These choices affect the storyline that you will play through in this role-playing game as well as the skills that you will have available. No choice has a major advantage over any other, so choose any combination that you see fit. The fact that the different races, classes, and affiliations have their own storylines also gives the game replay value. Your progress is automatically saved, so you will not have to complete your adventure in one session.

The mouse is the primary control device of Dragon Age: Journeys. Click on the map to move your character, similar to the Diablo series of games. You can also talk to NPCs, pick up items, and initiate fights by clicking on items and monsters. Combat is turn-based, and characters move on a hexagonal grid. Your characters can move to any hex within the range of green hexes around them, as well as perform melee attacks against any enemies within this range. Ranged attacks can be performed across the stage. Keyboard shortcuts are also available to make things easier, but they are not necessary to use. Additional instructions are available within this RPG's tutorials if you need more help getting started.

Like most RPGs, leveling up increases your character's power in Dragon Age: Journeys. You also earn talent points which can be used to unlock skills. Higher-tier skills will be unlocked as you reach higher levels. The skills that are available depend on the class that you chose, but in general, it is best to unlock skills that increase your health, increase the damage done to enemies, or decrease the damage taken from enemies.

Dragon Age: Journeys may be a marketing ploy by EA, but it is a fun role-playing game as well! If you are a fan of RPGs or need your fix of Dragon Age when you are away from home, then Dragon Age: Journeys is worth checking out!