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Demonic Guardians Instructions

Point and click to place and upgrade towers; use the arrow keys to control and move your hero. Defend your home base from invasion - and use a myriad of demon-producing towers to stop the onslaught. Collect trophies to unlock evolution points, and use evolution points to purchase upgrades.

Demonic Guardians Walkthrough

Demonic Guardians is a blend of tower-defense typical RPG game strategy. In each level you fight through, you'll have to prevent the "good guys" from reaching your base. But there's a catch that you won't normally find in most tower defense games - and that's what makes this an RPG game. In between levels, you'll be given trophies that give you evolution points. You can use these points to upgrade and unlock almost any kind of tower (besides VIP units), and you can upgrade your selected hero, too.

As the game goes on, these trophies are simple and easy to earn: you'll earn a trophy for building a certain amount of towers in a level, and another for killing a certain number of enemy units. But, after you've unlocked all the easy trophies, the harder ones make the upgrading process much more difficult. That's why it's important to choose your upgrades carefully - even from the beginning of the game.

The best unit you're given is your selected hero; there are four to choose from at the beginning of the game (two are VIP units) and you'll be able to control your selected hero during a level. If you use evolution points to upgrade your hero, you'll have an incredibly strong unit and you won't have to build many towers - but once your hero is killed in combat, it can take a while before he's regenerated (a blue bar will appear over your base; once it's full, your hero will appear at the base).

An even, balanced approach is probably your best bet, though - build a large number of towers and use your hero as effectively as you can. If you're looking for a difficult challenge, try increasing the enemy multiplier and difficulty at the beginning of a level (you'll gain trophies for this as well), and if you just can't seem to beat any level, try winning trophies and gleaning evolution points. With a huge amount of levels to play through, Demonic Guardians is one RPG game you'll keep playing until you've beaten it. Progressively difficult maps and hordes of enemies will stand in your way - you'll have to unlock as many trophies as you can if you want to beat this RPG game.