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Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move Edgar and the arrow keys to scroll the game screen itself. In between levels, purchase and sell items, junk, and weapons with the vending machine and recycler. To save your game in between missions, click on the bed in your room. While in combat, the 1-5 number keys will dictate your actions; double clicking on any weapon, accessory, or piece of armor will equip (or unequip) it.

Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar Walkthrough

Having a lot in common with the classic RPG series Fallout, Cyber Recession Warrior isn't as much of flash game as it could be a full-fledged computer RPG game. You'll start the game out choosing between an x-cyborg, a researcher, or a vagrant. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they get progressively difficult - x-cyborg being the easiest class to play and vagrant being the hardest.

There's also a hardcore mode you can choose to play at the beginning of the game - in it, you'll only be given one life, so when Edgar dies, he's done for good. It should be noted here that any new game and character you start playing with will be named Edgar - hence the name of the game. Like most other RPG games, you'll be able to build up your stats, and even spend talent points - but Cyber Recession Warrior brings it to a whole other level. You'll feel like you're playing a PC game rather than a flash game, and with an endless amount of levels to traverse through, there's no reason to stop playing at all.

Each level you play through (even the tutorial at the beginning of the game) is randomly generated. This means enemy placement, halls and corridors, and junk you find are going to be different every time you play. If you get bored with the x-cyborg class, try out the researcher class - and if you're looking for a challenge, give the vagrant class a try.

All in all, Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar is a satisfying, time-wasting frenzy. It's much better than most RPG games you'll find online, especially flash ones, and this game takes more than one play-through to get the most out of it.