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Crystal Story Instructions

Crystal Story is controlled by using the mouse, but there are keyboard shortcuts available. Click where you would like to move your characters. In combat, click on the button that corresponds to the action that you wish to execute, then click on the target. The 1 - 4 number keys may also be used to select actions in battle.

Crystal Story Walkthrough

Crystal Story is a turn-based role-playing game. This RPG features cute, anime-inspired graphics, great music, and a lovable, humorous cast of characters.

Crystal Story puts you in control of four mercenaries working for the aptly-named Mercenary Inc.. Your objective is to stop defeat the evil witch, Rita (no, not the Rita from Power Rangers) and return a crystal that she and her minions stole. The story of this role-playing game is not vital to the gameplay, however. Crystal Story is a dungeon crawler at heart, not a story-driven adventure game.

Upon the completion of each battle, your characters will earn experience points. After leveling up, they will earn attribute points that can be used to unlock powerful abilities. I advise allocating some points to the healing abilities of at least one character; having a healer or two can increase the longevity of your characters in this role-playing game, allowing you to venture deeper into the dungeon!

What sets Crystal Story apart from other role-playing games is its random dungeons. Every time you journey into the Evil Cave, the dungeon will have a different layout. You can save your game at any time, but only your characters' statistics and levels are saved. The next time that you play, you will have to start at the beginning of a new random dungeon. Your characters will retain their powers and items though, so you will be able to defeat enemies encountered on the initial levels easily.

Aside from your primary objective, Crystal Story features side quests which can be completed for rewards. Some of these sidequests will have you traveling in other dungeons, while others are minigames such as match-three. Side quests offer great monetary rewards and special items. Finishing side quests can also give you an incentive to level your characters. Sidequests are not necessary to complete this role-playing game, but I advise you to play them in order to attain their rewards and get the full entertainment value that Crystal Story has to offer.

Since Crystal Story uses randomized dungeons, a static walkthrough cannot be given, but we can give you a few basic tips that will work regardless of the layout of the caves. Firstly, you should increase the healing skill of at least one member of your party. This character will serve as a combat medic, healing other characters so that they can stay in the fight longer. Secondly, it is best not to descend deeper into the dungeon until your characters are at least one level above that of the dungeon. This will make fighting monsters easier and give you a greater chance of survival. Finally, be sure to upgrade your items at the armory. Failure to do so will cause your characters to do less then their maximum damage!

Crystal Story is a well-made RPG reminiscent of Breath of Fire or the early Final Fantasy games. Its simple controls, cute graphics, and humor make this role-playing game an excellent choice for casual gamers with time to spend!