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Rating: 4.82/5 stars (22 ratings)

Coffee Break Hero Instructions

Coffee Break Hero is controlled by using the mouse. Move your character, collect objects, and attack enemies by clicking your mouse. You can hold down the left mouse button to continuously move your character. Press the escape key to end a quest at any time.

Coffee Break Hero Walkthrough

Coffee Break Hero is a role-playing game that is great for casual players. This RPG features cute, colorful graphics, simple mouse controls, and humorous dialogue that parodies the role-playing game genre.

In Coffee Break Hero, you play the role of a young hero working for the Waterfall Questing Association. You must substitute for Strongman Flamebeard who has taken his coffee break and has not returned yet. You must go on a variety of quests to earn your paycheck. Quests include killing enemies, finding items, and more. You can end a quest at any time by pressing the escape key, and you will retain any experience and money that you made. Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each quest (whether you reach its end or end it manually), so you will be able to continue building your character the next time that you play this role-playing game.

Rather than automatically gaining experience for killing enemies, you will have to collect the skulls of your slain foes to level up in Coffee Break Hero. The same applies for money; pick up the items that your enemies drop when killed to earn cash. Each time that you level up, you gain one free skill point which can be used to upgrade your character. Money can also be used to upgrade your character, but upgrades become more expensive each time your purchase one. Items are found instead of being bought in this RPG, but you can sell old or redundant items for extra cash which can be spent on additional upgrades.

Due to its bright, colorful graphics and simplistic gameplay, Coffee Break Hero may not be the right role-playing game for gamers that enjoy dark, creepy dungeon crawlers or RPGs with a heavy focus on storytelling. Casual gamers that are looking for a way to pass the time will enjoy this game due to its shallow learning curve that allows players to jump right into the action. Remember that Coffee Break Hero saves your progress so it can be played piecemeal, giving players something to do on their breaks!