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Chibi Knight Instructions

Arrows move, A attacks, S uses magic.

Chibi Knight Walkthrough

You play a tiny cute knight with a cute voice in this cartoonish flash game, the Chibi Knight has to save the land from the three beasts who have set the place up as their homes and they are not planning to move from it any time soon. It's up to the Chibi Knight to save the world.

When you start Chibi Knight, you will be in a small town with monsters everywhere, coming into contact with these monsters will put you into battle with them, it is here the Chibi Knight shows off his power. A attacks the monsters and S is used to cast any spells that the Knight has learned, the wizards however who teach magic have gone into hiding and must be sought out to learn the magic.

Battles are played out as an action RPG where enemies come from the left and right until all of them are eliminated. As the Chibi Knight fights, he gains experience, which can be spent on improving his health, magic, or attack power. You can also save it for later if you want to.