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Chaos Of Mana Instructions

Point and click to control your fighter, magician, or charmer. Bet on llama races to make extra gold, buy new weapons and armor for your character, and fight as much as you can in the arena. Once you've leveled up and saved enough gold, you'll be able to purchase new skills for your character in the war guild.

Chaos Of Mana Walkthrough

Chaos of Mana is a simple RPG game that's enjoyable, fast-past, and best of all: short. You'll be able to complete this flash game in a little over an hour - as long as you don't die - and once it's completed, it's still fun to play through the whole thing again with a different class. There's three to choose from: the fighter, who uses strictly physically attacks and can perform powerful combos, the magician, who uses deadly spells and a lot of MP, and the charmer, who confuses and befuddles the enemy with his charisma.

During character creation you'll be able to customize the look of your character, but after that it's time to start fighting. You'll find the arena on the left side of the overworld map, so go to it; once you're there click on the arena sign to initiate a battle. Enemies will range from monsters, wild animals, and human opponents - and as long as you constantly upgrade your weaponry and skills, they should be no problem. In battles, turns are timed and you'll have ample time to choose which attacks you make; special skills are much more powerful than your regular attacks, but they'll cost either combo points or MP, depending on your class.

After you've won a battle, it's your decision to let the opponent live or die - choosing one will either increase your evil points or good points, which can be used later in the game. In between battles, you can shop for new weapons, armor, and accessories, or try to make a small fortune at the llama races. The races pay 2 to 1, so you'll double your money each time you win - if you win.

Chaos of Mana is a great RPG game to pick up and play - and it's especially fun if you have nothing else to do. Try out each class and upgrade your skills as much as you can - but don't forget to upgrade your stats as well.