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Castle Quest Instructions

Use the 1-6 number keys to cycle through your available attacks - the left and right arrow keys will let your character move, while hitting the up arrow key will allow your character to jump. Hit the C key to see your character's stats, the M key to display the game map, and the P key to pause the game at anytime. Toggle sound with the S key. Once unlocked, you can use your shield to block enemy attacks with the down arrow key.

Castle Quest Walkthrough

Castle Quest is a beat 'em up RPG game that you'll be able to get the hang of very quickly. Each level you come across will be side scrolling - making the game completely linear, so you'll only have to focus on fighting enemies - making Castle Quest refreshingly simple. You've got a health bar, a mana bar that regenerates over time, and an experience bar. Once you've killed enough enemies, and your experience bar has filled, you'll be given a talent point and your hp and mp will increase.

With talent points, you'll be able to boost innate offensive and defensive effects, as well as learn new skills accessible through the 1-6 number keys. Though what skills you specialize in are completely up to you - some won't be available until you've reached a certain level. As either a defensive or offensive player, you'll end up traveling through quite a few levels - and some of these will contain tons of different enemies.

All in all, it's best to keep a brisk pace when traversing through any level. Since jumping won't really help in blocking attacks, and if you don't have the shield skill, moving fast is the only thing that can really help you. If you garner a swarm of enemies, keep in mind that you can only attack one at a time - so no matter how much you click, you'll have to kill single enemy, not all at once.

Castle Quest is a great RPG game romp, and once you complete the full game you'll unlock a secret character to use when playing again. This adds another twist to the gameplay and will give you another reason to pick up this addicting game yet again.