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Castaway 2 Instructions

Castaway 2 is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your character by using the arrow keys (or WASD keys). Press the spacebar to interact with objects, switches, and NPCs. The spacebar is also used to swing your weapon at enemies. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface, use items, and issue orders to your pets.

Castaway 2 Walkthrough

Castaway 2 (also known as Castaway II: Isle of the Titans). Castaway 2 features superior graphics to its predecessor, simpler controls, a friendlier graphical interface, and a brand new storyline.

The objective of Castaway 2 is to past through all of the gates to complete your journey. You must complete quests issued by the Sigil in order to advance. When quests are completed, report back to the Sigil for your reward. There are over one hundred quests in this RPG, so it is sure to keep you busy for quite some time!

Castaway 2 retains many of the qualities that made its predecessor an award-winning role-playing game, such as a plethora of monsters, pets that will help you in combat, and various items to help you along the way. In this iteration of the RPG, you are also given the ability to craft items. If you are a fan of Team Fortress 2, you should know how this works. To craft an item, go into your inventory and click on the "Craft Items" button. Crafting items requires the combination of two items in your inventory. If you successfully combine items, the recipe will be retained in the recipe book.

The combat system of Castaway 2 has also been revamped. Instead of clicking to attack enemies, you must use the spacebar to swing your weapon, making combat similar to The Legend of Zelda. You can only swing your weapon when the stamina bar is full. Heavier weapons deal more damage, but take more stamina, reducing your rate of attack. I prefer weapons that offer balanced speed and damage, but you may prefer different weapons based on your playing style.

Another major change to the combat system in this RPG is the use of pets. Pets can be given a greater variety of orders which may be useful when facing different scenarios. You can order your pet to attack any enemy that it sees, to assist you in attacks the enemy that you are currently dealing with, or to remain passive. The default mode is assist mode, which is useful in most cases. To change the state of your pet, click on one of the two orange arrows below its statistics in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Castaway 2 is role-playing game that meets the high expectations set by its predecessor. The pace of this RPG has been increased, so fans of action games may also enjoy playing. Adventure awaits in Castaway 2!