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Bunni: How we first met Instructions

Using your mouse, point and click to drag Bunni around the map - while doing so, you'll be able to complete tasks and unlock heart pieces, purchase and build new stores, hire works, and almost anything else you can think of on Bunni Island.

Bunni: How we first met Walkthrough

Bunni Island is quite complex for a flash RPG game - there's plenty to do and even more to unlock. You'll start out on an isolated part of Bunni Island itself, controlling Bunni. Following tutorials given by ghosts, you'll slowly but surely learn how the game works, and once you've unlocked every piece of Bunni Island (click on the map button to see the entire island), the tutorial will be completely over and you'll be free to do as you please.

Some activities include purchasing and building stores, buying items from those stores, planting trees and collecting fruit, and recruiting other bunnies that will unlock quests and give you tasks to complete. Like any other RPG game, there's a story and a final goal you'll have to complete - in this case, it's unlocking all the heart pieces hidden on Bunni Island. As long as you follow the tutorial at the beginning of the game, though, and build everything that you unlock, it's not impossible to complete Bunni: How we first met.

Overall, Bunni: How we first met is a great flash game - one you could play all day, if you wanted. There's so much to do that even after you've beaten the game, and collected all the heart pieces, you may just want to stick around and keep building on the island. With an easy to use quest and task system (simply look at and follow the bubbles on the edge of the game screen), you'll be able to get a grasp on this modern RPG game very quickly.