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Arcuz 2: Dungeons Instructions

Arcuz 2: Dungeons is controlled by using the keyboard. Move by using the arrow keys (or WASD keys). The J key is used to attack and the K key is used to jump. The spacebar is used to talk to NPCs, investigate things and interact with items. You may modify these controls and view more advanced controls in the Settings menu. The mouse is used to interact with menus and the game's interface.

Arcuz 2: Dungeons Walkthrough

Arcuz 2: Dungeons is the sequel to the Flash RPG, Arcuz. Arcuz 2: Dungeons does not venture far from its predecessor, but does feature superior graphics, simpler controls, twenty-one achievements and new quests and adventures! Be warned that this role-playing game may take a while to load on slower connections since it is heavy on assets.

The objective of Arcuz 2: Dungeons is to complete a variety of quests. Along the way, you will encounter a variety of enemies and NPCs. You will also level up, increase your abilities, and acquire new items to aide you in your journey. This role-playing game plays similar to the famous RPG, Diablo, although its atmosphere is more kid-friendly. If you are familiar with the mechanics of Diablo, you may find Arcuz 2: Dungeons easy to pick up (despite the latter's lack of multiplayer).

Quests are the meat of Arcuz 2: Dungeons. Most quests in this RPG will be started by talking to NPCs. You may click on the Quest button at the bottom of the interface to open the quest log and read about current quests. Sometimes this role-playing game will help you out by providing speech bubbles with additional details and pointers that will lead you to your next objective, making it easy to navigate around the town.

The first quest that you will under take in Arcuz 2: Dungeons is to talk to Gran, the blacksmith, to acquire equipment. What is a warrior without weapons? To read about a piece of equipment's properties, simply hover your mouse over it. You must take a weapon, shield, and cap to complete your first quest. You only have one choice of shield and cap, but you may choose between three weapons. The long sword is a balanced weapon, while the hatchet focuses on damage at the expense of speed and the scimitar sacrifices damage for greater quickness and less weight. I advise choosing the scimitar since it allows a faster attack-rate without sacrificing too much damage in comparison to the long sword.

Your second quest will give you a small taste of combat in this RPG. To attack, press the attack key (the default key is J). If you are using a speedy weapon such as the scimitar, you will will be able to perform combos, hitting multiple times per second. Performing combos stuns your enemies, which is a reason why a weapon with a high attack-rate, such as the scimitar, is so useful. Try to isolate enemies and perform hit-and-run attacks to avoid taking too much damage. When you have killed all of the required enemies, return to the town. You are on your way, but you are not a Jedi yet (nor will you ever be in Arcuz 2: Dungeons; you will become a great warrior if you keep at it though)!

Arcuz 2: Dungeons is a role-playing game with a lot to offer. If you enjoyed the first Arcuz, or if you like RPGs that focus on the action and use Diablo-esque real-time combat systems, then you will love Arcuz 2: Dungeons!