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Rating: 4.63/5 stars (87 ratings)

Arcuz Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move your character, the K key to attack, the J key to jump, and the C key to see your character's stats. The V and B keys will open your skill and inventory screens, respectively, and other hot keys for skills and items are available in game. To save your game, simply stand on any spinning, glowing circle you happen to come across.

Arcuz Walkthrough

Unlike most online RPG games, Arcuz is an in-depth, well-planned game that you'll want to keep playing for quite a while. The controls are easy to pick up, actual combat is a lot of fun due to a combo system that counts how many hits you've made, and you're able to accept and complete as many quests as you can find.

And that's just within the first few minutes of playing Arcuz. If you're a fan of RPG games, then you'll love Arcuz. The controls are concise and make sense - especially jumping, where you're able to actually avoid enemies by doing so. While attacking can be a little slow if you happen to miss, making consecutive attacks makes combat brisk and fast-paced.

If that's not what you're looking for, you should move onto another game. The main objective in Arcuz, besides battling monsters, is to complete quests (though most quests consist of battling monsters). The first few quests are very easy to complete - buy a sword, equip it, kill a few slimes - but later quests become more complex and much longer.

To talk to NPCs, use the J key to accept quests, and the K key to cancel quests. While you can use your cursor to move around and talk to NPCs in Arcuz, the whole game can be complete just by using your keyboard.

Overall, Arcuz is an RPG game like no other - one that you'll keep coming back to. With a huge variety of quests to complete, and random combat that's actually enjoyable, this is a refreshing flash game that you won't want to miss.