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Arcane - the armor collector Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move your character; swap armors with the B key and switch ranged, thrown weapons with the E key. The spacebar swaps between swords and bows, while you'll be attacking with the left mouse button and aiming primarily with the mouse.

Arcane - the armor collector Walkthrough

With both campaign and free modes, you'll be able to play Arcane - the armor collector for a while. Not only does this medieval, tournament-style RPG game include funky techno music, but you'll have to kill your enemies over and over to complete a level.

The gameplay is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it - levels consist of an arena and its participants - there's twenty levels total in campaign mode, and each has its own unique premise. The first level is a one on one match and the score limit is five. This means you have to kills your opponent five times (he'll respawn randomly on the map once he's died) before he kills you five times. Level two is a little different - you'll be facing two opponents and the score limit is ten.

As you progress through campaign mode, like any other RPG game, you'll be able to afford better equipment, armor, and weapons - and if you want to hang on to your weapons, you'll be able to swap through them during combat. You'll also gain more companions as campaign mode goes on and the battles will only become bigger - making Arcane - the armor collector progressively difficult, but a lot more fun, too.

Overall, the controls in Arcane - the armor collector left a lot to be desired - if you have a slower computer, this game can be a nightmare to play. But the tournament aspect of the game is great, and the eventual levels you'll make it to (if you're a good fighter) are a lot of fun.