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Apokalyx Instructions

Apokalyx is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and select actions in combat.

Apokalyx Walkthrough

Apokalyx is a role-playing game that takes place on a post-apocalyptic (or is it post-Apokalyxic?) world. This RPG features three races, four character classes, and outstanding voice acting.

When you first begin Apokalyx you will have to choose your race. The three races that you can play as are Mutant, Stark One, and Wildcat. I advise newcomers to this RPG not to choose to play as a Wildcat since armor and shields for this race cost twice as much as they do for the other two races. After selecting your race, you can either select a class to automatically allocate attribute and ability points, or you may choose to allocate points manually by choosing the custom option. Tactician is a good choice for players new to this role-playing game due to the class's balanced stats. Finally, after choosing your class, you will select a save slot to store your progress and customize the appearance of your character (you will also be able to allocate your attribute and ability points if you choose the custom option on the class selection screen).

Once you have created your character, you will be given a tutorial. Pay close attention to the lessons learned therein, as they will help you throughout the game. The mouse is Apokalyx's primary control device. Click on enemies to target them, then click on an ability to perform it. To choose a defensive action, click on your character, then click on a defensive ability.

After the combat tutorial, you will be given a brief tour of town. Your first stop is the trader, where you can buy weapons and armor. To buy an item, click on its icon and drag it into your inventory or onto your character. Be sure to purchase items that best fit your class. To sell items, drag them from your inventory and drop them on the trader. After you have purchased your equipment, head to the arena for your first fight in Apokalyx.

If you paid attention to the tutorial, then you should do fine in the arena. As should be expected in a role-playing game, your first opponent is easy to defeat. After beating him, you will be able to take one of his items for your own use. Most of his items are probably useless compared to your own, so take the most expensive item and sell it at the trader. You may also notice that a new building, the barracks, is available. The barracks is used to manage your inventory before a fight and to allocate points earned by winning fights. Be sure to visit the barracks and allocate skill points whenever you see a blue plus symbol (+) hovering over its door.

Apokalyx is an RPG that is perfect for players that prefer to focus on combat rather than drawn-out storylines. Step into the arena and fulfill the prophecy in this addictive role-playing game!