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Play Sonny


Zombies - we shoot them down, stab them, dice them, slice them...we make sure they don't get any second chances. That's how...

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  • Play The Last Mech-Druid

    The Last Mech-Druid


    The Last Mech-Druid is a hybrid action RPG game that...

  • Play Arcane - the armor collector

    Arcane - the armor collector


    With both campaign and free modes, you'll be able to...

  • Play Chaos Of Mana

    Chaos Of Mana


    Chaos of Mana is a simple RPG game that's enjoyable,...

  • Play Arcuz



    Unlike most online RPG games, Arcuz is an in-depth, well-planned...

  • Play Deeds of War RPG

    Deeds of War RPG


    Deeds of War RPG is all about who you're fighting...

  • Play Sonny 2

    Sonny 2


    Out to hunt for the best tactical battle and RPG...

  • Play Stones masters

    Stones masters


    Stones Masters is one RPG game that's unlike any other...

  • Play Kingdom Fire

    Kingdom Fire


    As far as depth and substance goes, there's nothing to...

  • Play Relic



    Relic is a role-playing game in the vain of the...

  • Play Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar

    Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar


    Having a lot in common with the classic RPG series...

  • Play Pogoleg Pirates

    Pogoleg Pirates


    Pogoleg Pirates is an interesting RPG game that will take...

  • Play Shadowreign



    Shadowreign is the spiritual sequel to the role-playing game, Hands...

  • Play shinland



    Shinland is, as you guessed, about a protagonist named Shin...

  • Play Stick RPG

    Stick RPG


    OK, before we dive into the meat of this RPG...

  • Play Arcuz 2: Dungeons

    Arcuz 2: Dungeons


    Arcuz 2: Dungeons is the sequel to the Flash RPG,...

  • Play Dutamassa Battle

    Dutamassa Battle


    This is one of those turn-based RPG games that come...

  • Play Knightfall



    Knightfall is a successful cross between RPG game elements and...

  • Play Knightfall 2

    Knightfall 2


    Knightfall 2 combines elements found in puzzle games and combines...

  • Play Crystal Story

    Crystal Story


    Crystal Story is a turn-based role-playing game. This RPG features...

  • Play Swords and Sandals 3

    Swords and Sandals 3


    Coming at you with GREAT doses of strength and comedy...

  • Play Kingdoms at War : Conquest!

    Kingdoms at War : Conquest!


    Kingdoms at War: Conquest! is an RPG game with a...

  • Play Duck Life

    Duck Life


    To be honest, I never expected to spend almost an...

  • Play Mobile Weapon

    Mobile Weapon


    If there's one thing that distinguishes Mobile Weapon from other...

Recent RPG Game Reviews

  • Magi: The Fallen World Thumbnail

    Magi: The Fallen World is an action-packed dungeon crawler RPG. This role-playing game features detailed graphics, epic music, two playable...

  • Hands of War 2 Thumbnail

    Hands of War 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed role-playing game, Hands of War. Hands of War 2 Hands...

  • Wasted Youth: Part 1 Thumbnail

    Wasted Youth: Part 1 is a role-playing game developed by GPStudios, the creators of the Bunny Invasion series. This RPG...

  • Pestilence Z Thumbnail

    Pestilence Z combines the zombie survival game genre with the turn-based combat and character leveling of role-playing games. This RPG...

  • Eukarion Tales Thumbnail

    Eukarion Tales is a role-playing game that follows the story of Marcus III, a knight from the kingdom of Adamantia....

  • Eukarion Tales 2 Thumbnail

    Eukarion Tales 2 is the sequel to the role-playing game, Eukarion Tales. Eukarion Tales 2 features improved graphics, a new...

  • Coffee Break Hero Thumbnail

    Coffee Break Hero is a role-playing game that is great for casual players. This RPG features cute, colorful graphics, simple...

  • Dragon Age: Journeys Thumbnail

    Dragon Age: Journeys is a Flash role-playing game that takes place in the universe of the Dragon Age series of...

  • A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk Thumbnail

    A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk is a humorous role-playing game where you must bravely venture into the world to...

  • Relic Thumbnail

    Relic is a role-playing game in the vain of the early games of the Final Fantasy series. This RPG features...

  • Dungeon King Thumbnail

    Dungeon King is an action-packed RPG that focuses on hack-and-slash combat rather than convoluted storylines. Although this version of Dungeon...

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Welcome to Net RPG Games! Play some of the most fun and immersive free online RPGs. We hope you enjoy the games!

Online RPG games, it's of little wonder why gamers - kids, adults, veterans, and newcomers, are going nuts for RPG games. Once you sit and start playing, it's a different world! You can be taken back to the medieval ages to fight and defend your motherland. Other role playing games throw you into the future where weapons of mass destruction are at your disposal... weapons that the REAL world has yet to see. And there are some light-hearted RPG games where all you have to do is just beef up your stats and become the best player around.

Whatever your skill level as a gamer is, RPGs are excellent sources of PURE fun. And here at NetRPGGames.com, you get nothing but the best and most engaging games that the genre has to offer!

So you think you are a seasoned pro who knows almost every nuance that most role-playing games have? Yeah? EXCELLENT! Welcome aboard NetRPGGames.com, see if you can conquer our global scoreboards where you get to see where you are at when stacked against like minded players. All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account.

What about beginners and newbies to RPG games? NO PROBLEM! If you don't know where to get started, checking out the Top 10 list is your best bet. Each and every game guarantees you a great time. Warning: the flash games on this section can be very addictive! Check out some of the chart topping games we have here at NetRPGGames.com...

Online Adventure Games With A Twist!

If you want a game that allows you to go up against other players, a game that has enough surprises hidden to keep you at your toes, our current frontrunner - Kingdoms At War: Conquest is a game you simply have to check out. It begins with a very simple premise - like that of a normal single player game. As you progress, however, Kingdoms At War: Conquest turns out to be very open ended!

This adds MORE action and excitement to the game. Join, conquer, and decimate hundreds or even thousands of kingdoms created by other players. Join factions, hire mercenaries, and unite your forces for MORE destructive power! If that's your cup of tea, we have it here at NetRPGGames.com!

Be The Best, Fastest, Strongest, Whatever-est!

That's the usual idea behind most RPGs. Beef up your character, overcome obstacles, and be the best there is. If that's what you want, that's what you get here at NetRPGGames.com. Check out My Island, a fun stick RPG game. The premise is simple: increase your stats as much as you can and get the highest paying job you can lay your hands on. Mind you, especially in the early levels, earning cash is REALLY hard!

And those are just 2 of our chart topping games you will find right here! If you want something unique, or if you are looking for the usual RPG stuff, or maybe you want a combination of both, you can bet that NetRPGGames.com has it!